• Splendid addition to your garden

    A splendid addition to your garden

  • We build Tree Houses

    The kids moved in the treehouse!

  • We build Tree Houses

    Magnificent! Our children are very happy! And so are we.

  • My Tree house

    Best playground ever!

  • Treehouse up in the Tree!

    Play and learn up in a treehouse

  • Treehouse, garden furniture and more!

    Unforgettable memories, a treehouse.

  • Make your garden stand out.

    Experienced treehouse builders

  • My Treehouse

    Best playground ever! Our treehouse.


My Treehouse

"Our kids moved in the treehouse" - was what one of our clients replied.

They learn and play together, making new friends and unforgettable memories!

Welcome to My Treehouse!

Build your new treehouse with us.

We are a friendly and experienced craftmen team, producing high quality treehouses, garden furniture and playgrounds.

Let's work together for creating a wonderful addition to your garden.

Please use the "Contact us" form to email us now any questions you may have.




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Why you should opt for building a treehouse

Childhood is wonderful and full of magic, no one can argue with that, but what if we can do even more to improve our children games and enhance their imagination? Read more...

Laws about building a treehouse

Do I need planning permission - yes almost certainly. Senior planning officers have confirmed all tree houses now need full planning permission, including flat-pack play structures bought from retailers such as Argos and John Lewis. Read more...

General guidelines for a treehouse construction

General guidelines for a treehouse construction •The structure must be less than 4 metres high to the top of a ridged roof if it is to be beyond 2 metres from a boundary. Read more...

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